We limit the number of events we reserve each weekend and book on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We do not book events more than one year in advance. Please check the order schedule first before ordering.

1) Send me an email with all these details

Name :
Contact No. (important!)
Pick-Up Date :
Pick-Up Time :

Date of the Event:
Venue: (to ensure the support needed for cakes)

Cupcakes (minimum 16pcs)/ Cakes/ Mini cakes (minimum 3pcs)/ Tart (minimum 25pcs)

Size :

Quantity :

Flavour & Topping :

Theme/ Color :

Wording :

(Do attach picture of the preferred cake if you have any)


2) When to place your order
- at least two weeks notice for all cake orders. 

- one month in advance for more detailed orders
- 6 months in advance for wedding cakes.

THE EARLIER, THE BETTER (as I need time to buy ingredients, make gum paste flowers, figurines etc)

Last minute order are subject to availability & time restraints.

Please re-confirm your order 3 days before the pick-up date, should you want to cancel your order, please inform me at least 4 days in advance by SMS.