Monday, May 17, 2010

Teacher's Day Celebration

Order from Kak Ah for teacher's day celebration at her school...

Vanilla cupcakes, buttercream topping with sugar bees and flowers

Choc cupcakes, choc ganache topping, Elmo design


Fruit tarts

Egg tarts

Happy Mother's Day

Fondant topping, from Nawal to her mother. Thank u Nawal :)

From Russia With Love

Ileena from Russia ordered this for her bf's mother. Thank you Ileena.

E-e's birthday

Vanilla cupcakes, buttercream topping and Disney's edible images.

Choc cupcakes and choc ganache topping

100 cupcakes order from birthday girl.

Cupie's birthday


From birthday boy to his friends and teachers in school.