Thursday, July 30, 2009

Terms & Conditions

1) Order must be made at least one week in advance/ depends on the availability.
2) Send me an email with these details:

* Your name, contact number & email add *(compulsory and without contact number, i will not reply the email)
* Preferred date and time to pick up
* Types of order (cake @ cupcakes @ tart @ brownies etc)
* What size (cake & cupcakes) @ how many pcs (cupcakes, tarts, brownies etc)
* Any special theme ( eg: colors to use, do attach me photo if u have)
* Anything to write on it (be it write or stick letterings) stick letterings subject to availability

3) Cancellation MUST be made via sms, NOT email and at least 3 days before the pick-up date
4) Please mention your name whenever sending sms to me.
5) Price may subject from time to time.
6) Please wait for my confirmation email (within 48 hours) before making any payments.

The FULL PAYMENT must be made within 4 days from the date you placed your orders.

contact me =