Tuesday, October 6, 2009

kek chocolate lagi

order from pn fatihah. kek choc moist with choc ganache topping. tiba-tiba kehabisan idea macam mana nak deco cake ni. ni lah result bila blank idea. nasib baik customer suka..

Monday, October 5, 2009

lagi kek chocolate ganache

kek chocolate ganache order untuk jamuan hari raya di sekolah lagi.

kek raya upin ipin

tempahan kek untuk jamuan hari raya fiqriey di SK Salor. kek chocolate ganache dengan edible image upin ipin. tq

Sunday, September 27, 2009

pink and red cake

my sis minta buat kek untuk wedding gift kawan dia. so i made this simple pink and red cake. kebetulan kena pulak dgn theme colour her friend's wedding. yang kelakarnya kek ni dijadikan kek untuk upacara potong kek wedding tu sebab kononnya kek yg my sis bawa lagi cantik dari kek yg dia beli. kalau tau dia nak pakai utk potong kek maybe i boleh deco lebih sikit

yellow gold wedding cake

ingatkan during raya nak rehat, taknak buat cake. order pun saya tak ambik kononnya nak beraya sakan. tapi sebabkan ni untuk wedding my husband's business partner. terpaksa la buat gak. and fruit tart dia bawa masa akad nikah. congratulations! semoga kekal bahagia selamanya

Saturday, September 26, 2009

carrot cake for raya

too busy nak siapkan tempahan biskut raya sampai takde masa nak update blog. time raya apalagi beraya sakan la.. order from kak da again. carrot cake with cream cheese topping. tq

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 Events in a Day

Order for cikgu from Kuala Krai for her daughter's engagement, nikah and wedding. Fondant cake, basketweave cake, and fruit tarts. Thanks for your orders.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Terms & Conditions

1) Order must be made at least one week in advance/ depends on the availability.
2) Send me an email with these details:

* Your name, contact number & email add *(compulsory and without contact number, i will not reply the email)
* Preferred date and time to pick up
* Types of order (cake @ cupcakes @ tart @ brownies etc)
* What size (cake & cupcakes) @ how many pcs (cupcakes, tarts, brownies etc)
* Any special theme ( eg: colors to use, do attach me photo if u have)
* Anything to write on it (be it write or stick letterings) stick letterings subject to availability

3) Cancellation MUST be made via sms, NOT email and at least 3 days before the pick-up date
4) Please mention your name whenever sending sms to me.
5) Price may subject from time to time.
6) Please wait for my confirmation email (within 48 hours) before making any payments.

The FULL PAYMENT must be made within 4 days from the date you placed your orders.

contact me = damyadelights@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding Cakes

Cake Flavour: (9”)

* Vanilla Cake
* Orange Cake
* Strawberry Cake
* Moist Chocolate Cake

*** For buttercream cakes, price start from RM60
***For fondant cakes price start from RM 130 depend on deco, colours, and design.

Tiers wedding cakes :

~ 2 tiers = starting from RM170
~ 3 tiers =starting from RM250

~ 2 tiers = starting from RM300
~ 3 tiers = starting from RM450

*** Additional RM50 for chocolate moist cakes
*** Please email for quotation.

Doorgift cupcakes 
RM 2.00/piece (including dome packaging and simple ribbon) - please ask for quotation

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Brownies (10” x 10” x 1”)
Plain chocolate = RM 35 (topping), RM 25 (without topping)
Walnut/ Almond = RM 40 (topping), RM35 (without topping)

Marble cheese = RM 50

Egg tart = RM 35/25pcs
Blueberry Cheese = RM 40/25pcs
Fruit tart = RM 40/25pcs

Cream puff = RM 10/ 20pcs


> Chocolate Moist
> Vanilla
> Orange
> Coffee
> Carrot Walnut

Toppings :
> Buttercream
> Chocolate Ganache
> Fondant

Prices: (for buttercream with simple deco only)

S (2oz) - 3cm height, 4.5cm width.
16pcs = RM 30.00
25pcs = RM 45.00

M (2.5oz) - 3.5cm height, 5.5cm width.
16pcs = RM 45.00
25pcs = RM 65.00

L (3.25oz) – 3.5cm height, 6.5cm width.
16pcs = RM 40
25pcs = RM 60


** For Chocolate Ganache, please add RM10 for each set.
** Drawing of cartoon faces only applicable on Buttercream + Piping Jelly. Also need to add RM15 for each set.
** For wedding deco, please add RM25 (fondant) and RM5 (buttercream) for each set.
** For fondant, add RM 20 for each set.


Cake Flavour: (8")

* Caramel Cake - RM 35
* Butter Cake(Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange, Strawberry) - RM 50
* Marble Cake - RM55
* Chocolate Moist Cake with choc Ganache- RM60

* Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese - RM70
* Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese - RM70
* Sponge Cake (Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange, Strawberry) - RM 40

*** All price include buttercream frosting (simple deco) except for carrot cake, red velvet and caramel cake.
*** Actual price depends on decoration
*** If you need larger size, please e-mail for quotation.

Pan type:

* Round - no extra charge
* Square - additional RM2
* Love - additional RM2

Other Additional Items:

* Frosting - Additional RM5
- Chocolate Buttercream
- Strawberry Buttercream
- Cream Cheese
- Lemon Buttercream
- Chocolate Ganache

* Fondant Cut out to spell your word
- up to 15pcs alphabets - RM2
- up to 25pcs alphabets - RM5

* Drawing with Piping Jelly - Additional starting from RM30

* Edible Image
- Image only - RM25
- Image with editing - RM30

Please e-mail me for budget and personal quotation.